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Vietnam: Inside the Giant Jungle Cave of Hang Son Doong

If you happen to be planning a short to medium length trip to Southeast Asia, Vietnam is where you should go.
What’s not to love about Vietnam? The heat and humidity? Deadly city traffic and constant honking and lack of personal space?
Well, you can’t certainly love everything about the country, but all complaints aside, it’s a pretty amazing place.
With its endless valleys of lush landscape, the stunning beaches of Nha Tran and Phu Quoc and delicious food (food is so cheap you can get a tasty bowl of Pho for less than a dollar), there’s more than one excuse to extend your visa after visiting for the first time.
Vietnam is most definitely the place to experience being a nomad. The cost of living is one of the best  values you will find for living in a big city and their cafe culture is quite incredible – with speed of lighting Internet and mood-setting ambiance around every corner.
The combination of beautiful surroundings and friendly people makes for an awesome nightlife on the island. You can even get a martini with top-shelf vodka at a rooftop bar for $5 – $7, or even cheaper at another bar if you don’t need the classy atmosphere.

I could go on an on about all the joys of visiting a place with the perfect combination of mountain and sea, delicious food and diverse culture, but if you’re considering visiting Vietnam, there’s one place you need to stumble upon.
Hidden in the depths of the jungle lies the largest cave passage on earth: Hang Son Doong. It’s like Mount Everest…only underground.
Part of a network of over 150 caves, Hang Son Doong is so vast that it could house an entire block of 40-story skyscrapers. There is even a jungle inside this mammoth cavern. With no end in sight, it is more than 2.5 miles long with a continuous passage as wide as 300 feet and in other places, over 600 feet high.
This is by far one of the most awe-inspiring things I have seen in my entire life.
The breathtaking images in the slideshow above capture the hidden depths and striking beauty of the world’s largest cave passage.

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