Eerie Photos of a Town That Spent 25 Years Underwater

Located about six hours from the bustling capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a ghost town unlike any other. It’s called Villa Epecuén.

Once a popular vacation destination and home to over 5,000 residents, the seaside town vanished beneath 33 feet of water when a dam burst on November 10, 1985.

At first, people waited on rooftops for the water to recede. But it never did. In just a matter of two days, Villa Epecuén turned into a modern day Atlantis.

For 25 years, homes and nearly 300 businesses, including museums, spas, hotels and restaurants, were submerged beneath the salty water, which has a salt level ten times higher than any ocean.

In 2009, when the waters finally began to retreat, what emerged looked a lot like a scene from an apocalyptic nightmare.

As of today, the town of Villa Epecuén only has one original resident, Pablo Novak. Take a tour of the town in the video below.

Images: F. Peretti/Juan Mabromata/Deserted Places