Village Bans Pit Bulls, Threatens to ‘Dispose’ of Little Girl’s Dog

On October 13, the village of Moreauville, Louisiana voted to ban “vicious” breeds, such as pit bulls and rottweilers. Letters were sent out to residents who owned such breeds, warning that they must get rid of their blacklisted dogs before December 1, or else they’d be taken for “further disposition.”

KTBS profiled one local owner and her so-called vicious pit bull threatened by the village ordinance — O’hara Owens and beloved pet Zeus.

“If anything ever happened to him…I probably would just shut down,” Owens said.

She suffers from severe neck problems, forcing her to use a wheelchair and wear a halo neck brace. According to her, Zeus acts as her therapy dog, rushing to her side to comfort her whenever she’s in pain and otherwise supporting her and her other siblings.

“The breed is not vicious. It’s the owner. It is the way that you raise them,” Owens says.

No neighbors have ever complained about Zeus, nor has he ever bitten anyone. Although Owens’s parents tried to fight the ordinance at a town meeting, they were outnumbered and voted down.

“I had asked the question, well what if I don’t give you my dog? Scott Lemoine said they would come and get the dog and the dog would be disposed of and we would be fined,” said Joanna Armand, O’Hara’s mother.

Another local news source reached out to Village Alderman Penn Lemoine, to ask their side of the story. Lemoine said the ordinance is a response to numerous community complaints regarding the dogs.

The reporter then asked Lemoine if the city plans to kill the dogs collected on December 1. From KTBS:

“I’d rather not elaborate on that,” Lemoine answered.

Reporter: “Is that what it is? Are you going to kill the dogs?”

Lemoine: “If that’s what the ordinance says, then that’s what it says.”

Lemoine says the ordinance is completely legal, but Owens and her family intend to keep fighting for Zeus. To help them, you can sign this online petition or use the hashtag #SaveZeus.