Village Residents Notice a Strange Taste in Tap Water, What They Discover Will Make You Sick

WARNING: The slideshow above contains extremely graphic photos that may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion is advised. 

When villagers complained to local officials about their tap water, they uncovered the most horrific reason for the foul taste. Apparently nearby farmers had dumped over 50 dead animals into the river, The Mirror reported. Residents of a village in Jinli, China made a stomach-turning discovery after they noticed that their drinking water started to have a strange flavor.

Sanitation workers arrived to clear-up the horrific scene of rotting animal corpses was  in the south-eastern province in China. They reported the number of dead animals at 55—including pigs, geese, and sheep.

A spokesman for the sanitation department said:

“When officers arrived at the river, they were greeted with a horrific sight and smell. Most of the animals seem to have been born with deformities and were killed by the farmers or had contracted illnesses and were then killed.”

The spokesperson added that proper disposal of dead animals is to bury them underground to prevent potential diseases from spreading.

Polluted with the decomposing animals, villagers told local news that the smell from the river was “intolerable”.

Sanitation crews rushed to clean-up the decaying livestock that were left bloated and floating along with filth and garbage in the Wulong river. The river is an off-shoot of the Yangtze river and serves as the village’s main source of water.

Medics arrived at the scene to test water because of concerns of contamination and disease. Fortunately there have been no reports yet of illnesses resulting from the disgusting water conditions.

The gruesome discovery has prompted an investigation by police, who have promised to place fines on all responsible parties.

The slideshow above contains the graphic and disturbing images that document what sanitation workers found during the river clean-up.