Forgotten 50-Year-Old Photos Proves Motherhood Never Changes

Renowned photographer Ken Heyman, 83, recently came upon an unexpected treasure.

His former agent, Woodfin Camp, asked Heyman to help empty out a few things from a closing storage facility. That’s when Heyman found a box titled “Mothers.”

The contents of the box were amazing. There were dozens of 50-year-old photos that the photographer took around the world of mothers and their children for a project Heyman had worked on with his former professor and close friend, Margaret Mead.

The photo series was used in the Pulitzer-nominated book Family, which he and Mead co-authored.

These touching photographs — which he’d forgotten about — showcase ordinary moments of mothers and their small children, showing that even as times change and technology advances the way we live, motherhood hasn’t actually changed all that much over the past 50 years.

Check out the images above to get a taste of the collection, then visit Heyman’s website for more information about his work and portfolios. For the full series of vintage photos of mothers and children, go here.

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