Vintage Photos from the Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

In January of 1933, construction began in San Francisco on a project that would be the birth of an international icon. The Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark, not just for the Bay Area, that has become a tourist attraction, drawing over a hundred thousand visitors each day.

Construction for the bridge, designed by Joseph Strauss, Irving Morrow, and Charles Ellis, lasted for four years. The challenges of the project pushed the technology of the day to the limits. Strauss created a new innovation—a movable safety net that could be moved along as the construction progressed.

The construction workers were otherwise unprotected—there were 11 fatalities during construction, but those were due to net failures caused by issues with the scaffolding. Aside from the net, workers were left to mercy of their own center of gravity and balance to go about their daily duties on the job.

This often meant balancing hundreds of feet in the air from thin support beams.

Standing at 746-feet at the highest points, the Golden Gate Bridge was the world’s tallest suspension bridge until 1998.

Enjoy these photos from the monument’s construction.