VIRAL VIDEO: Military Father Surprises Daughter at Graduation

Sometimes a video will go viral and you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about, but with this week’s it’s no surprise: a military father surprises daughter at her graduation, and it’s pure bliss.

The young woman is Taylor Crafton who was graduating high school. She and her family thought her father, Sergeant Chris Crafton, was still stationed with the Air Force in Cuba. To commemorate her graduation, Taylor brought a cardboard cutout of her father to watch her walk down the aisle on graduation day. It was a sweet gesture — but what really happened to her was so much more special.

As Taylor made her way on stage at Grand Forks Central High School in North Dakota to accept her diploma, something really cool happened. With a “He’s here…” announcement from the school official hosting the ceremony, Sgt. Crafton walked onto the stage. The looks on Taylor and her mom’s faces are absolutely priceless.

Sgt. Crafton had been in Cuba for three months serving his ninth deployment. This warrior had been serving since Taylor was only three months old, so she and the family were used to him missing important events, but this time fate was on their side and he was able to make the day even more momentous.

Check out the video above of the incredible reunion.