Visit Spain: The Best Place in the World to Stargaze

It’s April, which only means one thing: the teasing of summer warmth flows throughout Spain.

The country’s relaxed lifestyle is a far cry from the work-obsessed way of life here in the states. Instead, you get a feeling of harmony and confidence that everything is in its right place.

Picturesque calm beaches line the coast, green rolling hillsides and some of the most beautiful women in the world draw you closer into the heart of this incredible country. When you think of Spain, what usually comes to mind? San Sebastian? The world’s largest nightclub in Ibiza? Barcelona? Marbella? How about delicious seafood and wine? A common laborer in Spain can eat like a king!

We are just drooling at the thought of it all… going to Spain with an open mind, an appetite and forgetting our outlandish diets!

With so much to see and appreciate, the climate of the islands is enough to make you want to quit your job, pack your bags and head on over. After all, it is the land of the sun, siesta and great parties.

Spain has just enough charm and spice to enrapture you upon your visit. You may even find yourself coming back for more.

The advantages to visiting Spain in the Spring are obvious: less crowds, stunning beaches and more events to check out.

But if you ever find yourself in Spain and are eager to escape the typical tourist traps, consider a little lesson in astronomy for your trip! If you aren’t aware of this already, the night skies are disappearing right before our eyes.

According to the International Dark Sky Association, a child born today in either Europe or the US has only a one in 10 chance of witnessing  a truly dark sky.

Luckily, in a small village in Southern Spain called Albanchez and atop El Teide (Spain’s highest mountain), the sky is always clear. No light pollution and no smog. And the stars appear to be within an arms stretch of your reach. This is the ideal place to catch your first real glimpse of the fabulous Milky Way. A galaxy of countless tiny twinkling stars that almost appears to stretch forever.

These two destinations are considered to be the best places in the world to star gaze or photograph the heavens above; giving you the opportunity to clearly see over 30 meteors per hour.

Instead of going to sleep at night, you’ll be inclined to sit outside and watch the stars – marveling at how anything could be so beautiful.

Norwegian landscape photographer, Terje Sorgjerd, captured some amazing time-lapse footage of the thousands of stars that make up the Milky Way and a Saharan sand storm atop El Teide. The results are breathtaking.