Man with Nothing Better to Do Decides to Visit Every Starbucks Location in the World

Winter — who changed his name from Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr to this singular moniker — is a 37-year-old self-described caffeine addict from Houston, Texas with a goal that seems dauntingly impossible. He doesn’t just want to just visit thousands of Starbucks locations — he wants to visit ever single Starbucks coffee shop in the world. With over 11,733 locations spanning across six continents, it sounds like a crazy mission.

It turns out, he’s already been to  9,100 branches.

Winter works as a computer programmer, and estimates he has spent over $100,000 on Starbucks coffee and the travel expenses associated with his big goal. He’s been to 38 countries so far, including France, Egypt, Turkey, and Japan.

He started his mission 17 years ago in 1997, when there were only around 1,500 locations in existence, and he documents his visits with photos.  Although he drinks around 10 cups of coffee every day, Starbucks isn’t even his favorite brand. He simply respects the coffee giant for their business model, amenities—including bathrooms and WiFi—and customer service.  He prefers independent stores for a cup of coffee.

Winter told the Daily Telegraph that he will continue his mission, even if it takes him into his old age to do so.

“Starbucks isn’t going anywhere. I can see myself visiting new stores as an old man,” he said. His only rule is that the store must be company-owned and not a licensed or franchised store location. He must also drink at least a sample of the coffee at each store.

As Starbucks has announced shop closures around the world, Winter has been racing to make as many stops as possible. He says he usually spends about three months a year on his mission. One time he drank 29 coffees in one day and “felt awful.”