Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong-Un Have Cat Scratch Fever

How we dislike Putin and Kim Jong-Un…let us count the ways. Now, our pets can even get in on the action of being politically active too, thanks to the Big Cartel online store.

Putin PussyYes, there’s been a Vladmir Putin butt plug on the market for some time, but now an online security service HideMyAss.com is selling Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un cat scratching posts. The company says they are doing this to raise awareness against cyber censorship. They’ve also created an organization for cats called  “The Pussycat Riot,” in honor of the all-girl rock band, Pussy Riot, whose members were imprisoned by Putin not long ago.

Kim Jung Un (2)“The very fact we share nearly four million cat photos and videos on the internet each and every day does back up that lyric somewhat”, the organization says. “It is imperative we recognize and challenge the powers that restrict not only the public’s access to the simple joy of funny cat content, but to information as a whole.”

Artists handcrafted these items, and it took them 200 hours to make The Putin and Kim cat scratching posts. That may explain the $8,200 pricetag. If that’s out of your price range, you can purchase a litter box with matching dictators’ picture for a little more than $5. All money is donated to charity, and the giggles are well worth it.