DOG CONTEST VOTE: Pet To Know Contest – Round 4


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in the Pet To Know contest!

This is our final preliminary voting rounds for FTK’s Pet To Know cat and dog contest (and any other pet you can think of), and we’ve made it a major one. After last week’s huge voter turnout, where 2,869 people decided which pet was their favorite, we were flooded with new submissions. So with that in mind, we included 18 entries in this round. Check out the cuddly cuties below!

Past Winners

Round 1 — Hero
Round 2 — Patch
Round 3 — Clyde

The winner of round 4 will join the above preliminary winners in the final round of voting, which starts March 15th. The final winning pet will score $500 in pet products from The Posh Puppy Boutique.

Check out the last 18 entries, then vote below!

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