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Walmart Employee Charged with Felony Theft After Eating Oreos

At Walmart, people tend to feel free to be their quirky selves. Oh, and you can get your stuff pretty cheap there, too. I guess that’s all that matters?
Of the stores I’ve visited, they are consistently understaffed and the employees I do run into … aren’t the friendliest bunch. I’ve heard many people complain, especially on social media outlets, that Walmart brings out the worst in people.
Apparently, this rings true for their employees.
An Indiana Walmart recently had a 63-year-old worker arrested and charged with felony theft after being accused of stealing a bag of Oreo cookies from the store while on the clock.
Did she twist the cookie apart and eat the filling first? Or did she devour the entire chocolate wafer in one swift bite?
When Penny Winters was confronted by a Walmart “asset protection manager,” she admitted to eating the Oreos. Not only that, she also confessed to stealing other snacks during her seven-month employment with the store.
According to The Smoking Gun, cops have not estimated the exact value of the cookies Winters ate, but she has been fired from her $11.40 an hour position with the retailer.
Winters was later arrested after an internal investigation was launched against her when Walmart found an empty package of Oreo cookies in the store. The Portage Police Department also reported that security surveillance showed the shoplifter opening and consuming the goods during her shift.


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