Here’s a Ride for Everyone Who Is Terrified of Actual Roller Coasters

Fear of heights? Fear of falls? Fear of getting trapped in a scene from Final Destination? Well, fear no more!

German artists Heikie Mutter and Ulrich Genth have created a roller coaster for everyone who is too terrified to ride an actual one. Called “Tiger & Turtle-Magic Mountain,” this 69 ft. sculpture was built out of zinc and leftover steel from local mining projects in Germany.

And while it may look similar to a traditional roller coaster, its twists and turns can be tackled with a 249-step stroll.

It’s main purpose is not even to give people “coasterphobia” or a heart attack, it was created to give people a phenomenal view of the countryside.

When night falls, LED lights illuminate the structure, making for quite a memorable experience.

Tons of people love roller coasters — until something goes horribly wrong. Luckily, the worst that could happen on this ride would be tripping over the stairs and face planting into cold, hard steel.

Check out some first-person footage of the walkable roller coaster below.

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