Paranoid ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Kills Friend After Binge Watching the Show

Damon Perry, 23, is accused of beating his friend, Christopher Paquinn, to death while they were binge watching “Walking Dead.”

It happened on Oct. 22 in Albuquerque when the duo was watching the show and drinking. Police were called to the scene and found Perry threatening to kill neighbors with a knife.

Paquinn was then found dead at the scene after allegedly being hit with a microwave and electric guitar, then being kicked repeatedly.

Perry was arrested and claimed that Paquinn began to transform into a zombie and then attempted to bite him.

Sgt. Moses Marquez told KOB 4 News that it appears Perry truly believed Paquinn was turning into a zombie. “If you’ve ever watched the show, you’d know that the only way to kill a zombie is to attack it in its head. Well, when police arrived in this complex, there was a knife inside the victims head.”

Marquez took the theory further when he said, “I do believe his story behind this is true. He genuinely felt that his friend was changing into a zombie due to his inebriated state. Our department is dealing with something that I have never seen or heard of in my entire 13 years here.”

Perry is currently being held at the Cibola County Detention Center and being charged with murder.

A young man was binge watching the “Walking Dead” with his buddy and drinking.  At some point, he swore his friend… in First to Know’s Polls on LockerDome