WATCH: Domestic Terrorist Bombs Walmart to Protest End of Confederate Flag Sales

Mississippi police have arrested a man for allegedly throwing a homemade explosive device into a Walmart store on Sunday because he was angry employees there stopped selling Confederate flag paraphernalia.

Marshall W. Leonard, 61, was arrested after he allegedly threw a newspaper package containing explosive materials into the 24-hour store in Tupelo around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Police Chief Bart Aguirre told Mississippi’s Daily Journal.

“A white male got out, lit the package and threw it in the vestibule,” Aguirre said. “There was an employee on break, and the suspect told him, ‘You better run.’ The employee did run and was away from harm when the package went off. It wasn’t a large explosion. It didn’t cause a lot of damage to the store.”

No one was injured in the blast, and Leonard was later arrested for running a red light. Police later found out he’d posted threats to the Walmart store on his Facebook page before the Walmart bombing. In the posts he ranted about the end of confederate flag sales.