WANT: A Butt Lamp That Turns On When You Spank It

We love fun stuff around the house– especially when it’s a little naughty — so when we found the Slap It butt lamp we were ready with the credit card.

Sold in single or triplet units, the company website (with the amazing URL “slap.me“) says you just need to “Slap it, pinch it or gently squeeze this tantalising tactile bottom to turn it on, diffusing a warm glow to light up your room.”

The video above gives a fun demo of how they work, and you can see there’s a little bounce in those booties as they get turned on and off.

Slap It is the brainchild of Joseph Begley, and the website offers this simple mission statement: “Aiming to bring a smile to your face, we strive to create products which combine playfulness and humour with functionality.” On the company’s Vimeo Page they offer this note about the lamp:

A sense of lasting enjoyment is promoted through the unique tactile pleasure, the irresistible cheeky interaction and the aesthetic quality of the glowing buttocks!
A multi-sensory experience to make you smile.
As a designer I aim to push and to test the boundaries of interaction, between objects and their users; I like to communicate playfulness and humour within my work.

Slap It has been working at producing these lamps for a while; their first video came out three years ago, and according to the website Incredible Things they were originally a limited edition lamp selling for around $1,167. These new versions are being sold for around $225 for the single butt lamp, and $604 for the 3-bootie set.