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WANT: Pick Your Nose Cups

Forget the traditional red Solo party cup. If you’re looking for a creative and hilariously clever way to both hold beverages and label your party guests’ cups, we have found the perfect solution: “Pick Your Nose” paper cups.
The double functioning Pick Your Nose cups feature two sets of 6 different female noses and 6 different male noses. When the sipper tilts his or her head back to take a swig of whatever amazing punch you have prepared, it will appear as if they have sprouted a completely different nose.
We found a great deal for these hilarious cups on or for only $9.73 with possible free shipping on Amazon.

  • Manufacturer: Fred
  • Includes: 24 cups
  • Material: Paper
  • Care: Toss or hand wash
  • Dimensions: 12 ounce capacity

These are by far the perfect, cheap, and easy way to liven up any office party or a night of casual drinking with friends. You know who will also find these hilarious? The kids. Where a little family game of dress-up can result in a quick nose job and a laugh.
Not only will you be the life of the party if you supply these cups, but you’ll also be able to confirm how good you look with a little five-o’clock-shadow. Some of the noses have a thick mustache while others have a hoop nose ring. The only negative comment that people who bought these cups had was that they wish they were not paper so they would last longer!
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