Warheads Burn Boys Tongue After He Sneaks Them from Cupboard

A 7-year-old of Sydney, Australia thought that sneaking Warheads Juniors Extreme Sour was an excellent idea. In his effort to keep things top-secret, he held the candy quietly in his mouth.

Lachlan Canak eventually ran to his mother in pain, which led her to on heck of a crazy discovery. The candy had burned a hole in his tongue.

sourwarhead tongue

“I really felt the need to share this photo… It has burnt a hole in his tongue,” his mother Hayley Canak posted on Facebook.

According to Warheads Juniors Extreme Sour packaging, the candy contains malic acid. This may have been the culprit in this situation. If Canak’s claim is correct, it is highly likely that the “4 and older” age range listed on the box may be misleading.

Canak was thankful that her son’s tongue healed quickly, but feels that other parents should be very aware of the alleged risks of the candy.

boy warheads with mom

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