Warner Bros. Television Releases Schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Comic-Con is the biggest convention in the United States dedicated to comic books, science fiction, fantasy, TV, movies, Japanese animation, video games, toys and much more. So it makes sense that San Diego, where Comic-Con is held, would be a top travel destination in the US during the month of July.

Because of that popularity, the Hollywood studios all have a strong presence at Comic-Con. This is their key market, and they know that if they can get fans excited now it could mean strong turn out for TV ratings or the movie box office. We already reported on Walt Disney feature films being spotlighted at this year’s convention, including an appearance by Tim Burton, and now Warner Bros. television is getting in on the act.

Warner Bros. is one of the biggest names in television, and they have some of the most popular shows on TV right now. From favorites like The Big Bang Theory and Nikita, to new series like J.J. Abrams’ show Revolution or Arrow (based on the DC comic book character Green Arrow), this year the Warner Bros. Comic-Con programming looks amazing. The studio just released their schedule, and we’ve got it for you below. So if you’re attending Comic-Con, you’ll know where to go.

Wednesday is Preview Night at Comic-Con, and from 6:00