Homeowner Sucks Up Huge Wasps Nest with Vacuum (VIDEO)

Getting rid of a wasp next can be tricky business, especially if it’s located somewhere indoors. Wasps tend to resist any effort made to kill them or fend them off by stinging the daylights out of people.

Once agitated or threatened, worker wasps become extremely aggressive and protective toward anyone who ventures too close to their nest.

But what if you approach the nest from behind with a super vacuum? Well, that’s a completely different story.

In the video above, watch what a homeowner does when he discovers a huge wasps nest in his garage.

We couldn’t help but hope for the worst outcome, as that’s usually what happens when people try to outsmart nature.

Fortunately, the wand on his vacuum was long enough to safely reach the nest and he need an escape route to quickly evacuate the scene.

Honestly, his commentary and facial expressions were worth watching the video.