WATCH: 14-Year-Old High School Football Player Takes Out Would-Be Shoplifter

Talk about instant karma! A shoplifter got justice served when a high school football player tackled him to the ground as he tried to flee the scene. The football player, identified as 14-year-old Kevin Merz, is now being called a hero.

The whole thing was caught on security cameras inside a Seattle-area mall at The Gap store.

Merz was shopping in the store when the suspect ran in, apparently trying to hide from police. He was reported to have an estimated $800 worth of stolen goods from a nearby Target.

Footage shows the shoplifter darting around near the entrance of the store as police give chase.

That’s when Merz’s football instincts kicked in, and he tackled the suspect to the ground, keeping the shoplifter subdued until police could take him into custody. It is believed that the suspect may have a record of illegal activities.


Check out the full clip in the footage below.