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WATCH: Halloween Dance Party in the 1920s

Halloween is now mainly known for scandalous costumes, wild parties and monster glorification. What many people don’t know, however, is how the ghoulish holiday looked like many decades ago.

In the roaring twenties, the “Halloween Dance” was a fun, yet classy party that was priced at one dollar per couple. Partners came in for three hours of dancing and fun.

The costumes were definitely more modest and unique to each couple. But, how did wearing costumes for Halloween originate?

Halloween Origins

Hundreds of years ago, the Celtic Irish celebrated their new year on October 31st. They called it “All Hallow’s Day.” However, in the evening of that day, they believed that spirits of the dead could enter their former bodies and have another chance at life.

This caused widespread fear for the Celts so they would dress up in scary ghostly costumes in attempts to scare the spirits out of their towns. In the 1840’s, when the potato famine hit Ireland, many refugees left for America and brought along their costume practice with them.

Contrary to the modern popular belief that says costumes are to give tribute to the devil, dressing up for the holiday started off to protect souls from demons.

Watch this cool vintage black and white film of a 1920’s Halloween Dance Party and tell us what you think of how the times have changed.

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