WATCH: 3-Legged Dog Caught ‘Paw-Handed’ Stealing Food

Awww, as if this dog being homeless weren’t tragedy enough, he also only has three legs. And now, he has a criminal record, thanks to his cameo appearance on a convenience store surveillance camera in New Zealand.

Alray Dairy, owner of the convenience store says the dog appeared out of nowhere and grabbed a roll of dog meat from one of the store aisles. Not only did the surveillance camera see him, so did customers who were present at the time.

After a few moments, the customers and Dairy went outside to look for the dog. The only trace of him was the empty food wrapper he stole three blocks away. Five days later the dog attempted another food robbery.

He was captured and tied up for the remainder of the day, and when no one arrived to claim him, the owner took him to the pound.

The German short-haired pointer is believed to be 10-years-old and already has adoption forms pouring in for him. He now goes by the name Oscar.

Commenting on her security footage, Dairy says “The video is so funny, just to see the look on their faces, they just couldn’t believe it. They were standing there with their mouths open. It’s quite hilarious.”

Check it out above!