WATCH: 63-Year-Old Shopkeeper Battles Machete-Wielding Robber

Shopkeeper Muhammad “Max” Masqood fought off a masked bandit with a machete trying to rob his Sunderland, England convenience store last Saturday. In the struggle, 63-year-old Masqood grabbed a metal shutter pole to fend the robber off, losing part of his middle finger in the struggle.

Security footage released by police captured at Masqood’s Max and Sons convenience store shows the altercation in fuzzy, choppy detail. The robber enters the store holding a three foot machete and demands the money in the register.

“He was telling me ‘give me the money, give me the money’ and he showed me the big knife,” Maqsood said to SWNS.

Masqood then grabbed the metal pole from behind his counter and began the epic battle that drove the attacker off.

“He got me three times, but I used the pole twice and got him once on the shoulder and he ran away. It was a shock and I’ve never done anything wrong to anybody,” said Masqood.

The unidentified robber is still at large. Police are still looking for him, and released the security footage in hopes of finding them.