WATCH: 7-Year-Old and 64-Year-Old Sit Down to Have a Conversation About Aging

A video posted to YouTube by the Facts. channel is making people take a step back to think about aging, and what it means to be young and then to get older. In the video, a seven-year-old boy and a 64-year-old man sit down with some questions for each other to ask about life and getting older.

Along with the video was the following explanation:

“We brought together two people with a very large gap of 57 years between them and got them to ask each other questions about life and growing up. Our aim was to see if people from opposing stages of their lives could learn from each other.”

They ask each other what the best things are about being young and older respectively. They also ask “do you wish you were older,” and “do you wish you were young?”

The pair also discuss love, and what it’s like—or will be like—to fall in love, and share some words of wisdom for life.

See the resulting conversation in the video above, we think what they say will captivate you.