WATCH: 73-Year-Old Arrested for Allegedly Snorting Cocaine During Traffic Stop

A 73-year-old Seattle man was about to get let off with just a warning during a traffic stop, when he did something unbelievable. The driver had been pulled over by Officer Nic Abts-Olsen for driving without his headlights. The officer did the routine check of the driver’s license and registration, and was apparently going to let the man go on a warning alone.

For some reason the man, who has not been identified, pulled out some cocaine and try to snort it.

The whole incident was caught on Abts-Olsen’s dashcam video, and has since gone viral.

According to the officer’s report, he saw the man portioning out a small amount of white substance from a glass vial. When he knocked on the window of the car to get the man’s attention, he spilled powder everywhere.

Apparently the driver then tried to say it was residue from vitamin pills. He was subsequently arrested and has been charged with the possession of narcotics.

See the dashcam footage of the arrest in the video above.