WATCH: 8 Tourist Scams to Avoid at All Costs

Planning a big trip? While there is obviously nothing wrong with being a tourist and visiting the major sights around the world—if you can brave the crowds—it’s important to be aware not only of your surroundings, but also of the local tricks and scams.

Don’t be the naïve traveler who falls for a swindle and gets taken for everything they own. Tourists quickly become easy targets.

In the video above, see some of the common scams that people really fall for. Everything from slashing purse straps, to crafty pick pockets and bogus calls from the ‘front desk’ could ruin your entire vacation.

While you’re in a new place you’re more vulnerable and unfamiliar with your surroundings, so hopefully these eight tips to avoid tourist scams will come in handy!

Check them out in the video above.