WATCH: 9-Year-Old Boy Slaps Mom After Finding Her on the Streets High on Heroin

A family member addicted to drugs is always hard to deal with.

This video, which was originally posted on Instagram, shows a 9-year-old boy slap his mom across the face multiple times.

He finds her on the streets high on heroin and is so distraught, he tries to slap her to get a response out of her.

He can be heard screaming to his mom, “Mommy, wake up. Can you talk to me? Wake up!” All this while slapping her violently.

All throughout this disheartening encounter, the boy’s mom just stares blankly at her son and is unresponsive.

However, since this video has surfaced the Internet, many viewers have been enraged by the actions of this little boy. They say he should not have hit her and should have respect for his parents.

What do you think? Were his actions too harsh or are they justified?

A 9-year-old boy slaps his mom across the face multiple times after finding her on the streets high on heroin. Sho… in First to Know’s Hangs on LockerDome