WATCH: A Fleet of UFOs Found Floating Through the Sky

This video has gone viral since it was discovered July 27, 2015. It’s the latest alleged UFO sighting that is making headlines.

A fleet of UFOs have been caught on camera flying above Japan’s port city of Osaka. The footage was first released on a Japanese YouTube channel.

You can see 10 glowing white orbs flying in concert across the sky. Unfortunately, the video is low-quality video but despite that, it’s clear that there are strange unidentified objects floating through the sky. Many have speculated they are evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

This sighting closely resembles a recent sighting in London, where concert-goers saw bright lights overhead in Hyde Park and freaked out while the band Blur was playing. The sighting in London was very brief, with the objects disappearing within seconds, making it a difficult to form a comparison. The sighting in Japan (as you can see) lasted quite a while.

An alternative explanation for this phenomena is that the white glowing objects are cloud formations. Apparently, lenticular clouds are often mistaken for UFOs.

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