WATCH: The Moment the Hugest Blister Ever Gets Popped

The man in the video remains anonymous but reveals that he has a huge blister on his palm as a result of second degree burns. He works in a carwash, he says, and the doctor tells him he can’t wash cars with his injury, but he can work the cash register.
The film then becomes horrifying when the doctor begins squeezing the huge bubble of yellow skin, triggering the blister’s fluid to shoot out of the man’s hand. Eww!

“I couldn’t resist,” the doctor says, as she continues to pat the blister. (Is she serious?). And that’s not the end of it. The fluid seems limitless as the doctor drains it all.

It gets even more horrifying!  After popping the blister, the doctor cuts the dead skin that remains, revealing red raw skin underneath, with a pool of yellow slime on one side.

“That slimy stuff on there is protein,” the doctor explains. Is she enjoying this?

Remember, if you have any blisters from a major burn, you need to see a doctor immediately. This guy was very lucky. This is as good as it gets when healing a major burn injury.

And, needless to say, do not pop your own blisters, which may cause infection in the raw skin underneath. In this situation, the doctor put some medical foam on to the blister, wrapped it with gauze, and told him to come back the following week. Do not — we repeat, do not — try this at home.