WATCH: A Muslim Couple Gets Abused on Train Until a Stranger Does the Right Thing

This video was shot in an Australian train by Stacey Eden, who we don’t see but hear. She began shooting the video after a stranger began berating and abusing a Muslim couple, mainly the woman for wearing a chador which covers her head and body in all black.

As the stranger questions why this woman she doesn’t know is wearing the Muslim garb, she also makes harsh assumptions about the couple’s religion by making very offensive statements about Muslim men marrying six-year-old girls.

Stacey Eden must’ve had her phone out already because she managed to capture most of the racist Australian woman’s rant. But that’s not where she stopped. She stood up and began to defend the couple, telling the woman to shut up.

The woman does not shut up but begins to bring up all sorts of atrocities that are happening in the Middle East, as if it were the couple’s fault.

Eden wisely steps in and asks, “What does any of that have to do with this poor woman?”

This video has gone viral. While most people admire Eden for stepping in to stop the verbal abuse, some are saying that she has a “savior complex.”

What do you think? Do you think it was Stacey Eden’s place to stand up for the strangers or should she have remained quiet while the other woman continued her verbal assault? More importantly, we want to hear what you would’ve done if you’d been witness to this scene. Let us know below.