WATCH: A Mystery Flesh Eating Virus Is Rotting This Man’s Face

WARNING: The video above features extremely graphic content.

A Vietnamese man named Huynh Van Dat has been suffering for 10 years from a mystery virus that has eaten the front of his face completely away. Doctors don’t have a name for the disease that is slowly killing him nor do they have a cure.

The good news is that doctors from around the world have agreed to take on Van Dat’s case, even though he lives in Saigon. He’s already lost his eyes, nose and the roof of his mouth. At this stage, it’s impossible for him to eat and he can barely speak.

The condition first started in 2004, when he began getting nose bleeds three or four times a day and his eyes kept watering. Doctors initially said he had a nose bridge failure, but they were wrong. He has been in for surgery twice over the years but the operations have done nothing to halt the disease from rotting his face while he’s alive.

Even though he looks like a rotting corpse, Huynh Van Dat’s wife says that her husband’s mind is still perfectly strong and he is fully aware of what’s going on. Perhaps that is the saddest part of all, that he’s locked inside this rotting face when he is completely coherent.

We can only hope that new doctors may be able to stop the virus from destroying Van Dat even further. We’re sure that is what his family prays for every single day.