WATCH: Abandoned Baby Sea Otter Learning How to Swim

This adorable little guy was rescued along the Central California coast. The baby otter was only five-weeks-old was saved from certain death when he was fattened up by experts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The Southern Sea otter, dubbed “Pup 681,” was recently shipped to the Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium in Chicago after receiving round-the-clock care at Monterey Bay. The otter is now much healthier than before, weighing six pounds instead of two and measuring 22.6 inches.

The female otter pup was found by a beachgoer going for a stroll along Coastways Beach near Santa Cruz on the evening of Sept. 30. She had been separated from her mother for an estimated 16 hours or more.

She will be cared for by six experts in Chicago, who are hoping she’ll develop foraging, feeding and grooming behaviors necessary for otters to survive in the wild.

And now, let’s just get to what we know you all want: adorable photos of the baby otter to dote over.