WATCH: DreamWorks Animator Turns Son Into Action Movie Super Hero

What happens when your dad is an animator for a major movie studio? You get to have your imagination come to life.

After a day at the office, Daniel Hashimato would come home to find his three-year-old son, James, playing around the house and letting his imagination run wild. As any parent would, Daniel decided to film James on his iPhone as his son would go on adventures. However, unlike most parents, Daniel is an animator at DreamWorks and has worked on numerous films. So, one day, Daniel got the idea to add special effects to one of those short videos and share it with friends. And faster than you can fire up a lightsaber, James became an internet sensation.

The video at the top is a compilation of “Action Movie Kid” shorts. Normally the shorts are 30 seconds or less, and this one showcases the favorites. We’ve also posted an interview with the Action Movie Kid dad himself, from Inside Edition. In it, Daniel talks about how the whole thing came about. You also get to see a few clips of the original footage, and get an idea for how he transformed his son into an amazing super hero.

From Star Wars to Batman, it seems like every genre is tackled. And while the effects are pretty awesome, the real treat is seeing this cute little kid living out the dreams many of us enjoyed when we were children. Check it out.