WATCH: Adorable 3-Year-Old Liar Denies Stealing Sprinkles

Who stole the sprinkles from the sprinkles jar?

Three-year-old John, that’s who.

When Erica Boarman noticed an almost empty container of sprinkles in her kitchen — and the sugary confection all over her son’s face and mouth — she found herself in the cutest face-off we’ve seen in a long time.

When she confronted little John about eating the sprinkles, he completely denied any involvement. No matter how many times mom asked if he ate them, he kept to his “that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it” attitude.

Our favorite part of the adorable video comes around the 40-second-mark (which can be watched in the full YouTube clip below). When she walked over to the sprinkles containers and asked John why they were empty, he corrected her by saying “well, they’re not empty.” The kid was right about that, at least. Get your facts straight, momma.

Watch the full video of the cute little liar getting caught red (sprinkle) faced below.