WATCH: Adorable Dog Doing Chores

Tired of doing the laundry, dishes and scrubbing the floor? Well, if you have a cute critter at home, maybe you can train it to help.

Meet Monkey, a dog who evidently loves to do chores, and whose owner caught it on video. (Yes, we’re sure it’s not an “accidental” catch, but it’s cute nonetheless.) Here’s what the owner wrote on the YouTube page (all typos come from them):

Monkey cleans the house while im at work!! Its a must see, its hilarious!! You will wish you had a dog like this!! The original and best dog on the net!!! Watch, enjoy, smile, comment!!

Monkey actually has a bunch of videos on the SuperDog YouTube Page. They tie to Batman, Harry Potter, and other random stuff — with some being funnier than others. There’s nothing on the “about” page explaining Monkey’s rise to fame, but if you are a dog lover, then you might like checking out more of their videos.

In the meantime, check out this adorable dog doing chores video. It goes out to all you pet lovers!