WATCH: Adorable Sugar Glider Learns to Fly Thanks to a Desk Fan

In the wild, a combination of instinct and peer examples teach animals how to survive among their kind. But how is a tiny sugar glider going learn how to fly when it has been brought up in captivity?

This adorable video shows one of the tiny marsupial learning how to safely glide, without risk of a big fall or injury. Thanks to a desk fan and a helping hand—literally—the little sugar glider gets caught in the updraft and is soon in gliding position.

Sugar gliders are native to Australian and Indonesian rain forests, and in the wild are capable to leaping from tree to tree—no need to climb down to the ground within easy reach of predators.

The marsupials have become popular pets, and are even bred domestically—so the little guy in the video has probably never had to fend for himself in the wild.

Sugar gliders are so named because of their fondness of sugary sweet treats—their diet usually consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Watch this adorable guy as he gets his glide on in the video above.