WATCH: After 17 Years of Trying to Have a Baby, Man Is Told He’s Finally Going to Be a Father

Arkell Griffin-Graves and his wife Dana have been struggling to have a child together for 17 years, since they first got married. Neither of them expected to have any problems starting a family together, but after nearly two decades it started to seem like a baby just wasn’t meant to happen for the devoted couple.

“We had everything planned,” Dana told BuzzFeed. “It just didn’t work out, so we kind of gave up.”

The couple experienced a heartbreaking stillborn birth, and four miscarriages before deciding to stop tryng.

Then came the surprising news when Dana’s doctor told her she was five months pregnant.

Arkell didn’t know, and Dana knew she had to plan the best possible announcement.

So she surprised her husband, putting some buns in their kitchen oven alongside the baby’s ultrasound picture.

She then filmed her husband’s amazing and emotional reaction.

His surprise is first registered as complete shock, but he is quickly overwhelmed with emotion and breaks down into tears—and you will too, watching him learn the news for the first time.

See what happened in the video above.