WATCH: Amputee Gets Fitted with Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Gun

Tattoo artist Jc Sheitan, based out of Lyon, France, lost his arm 22 years ago and became an amputee. Now he will become the first person outfitted with a prosthetic limb that doubles as a tattoo gun.

The one-of-a-kind prosthetic is reportedly difficult to sterilize after each use, but for now is only a prototype for the final creation. Despite this, it is still functional as a tattoo gun for Sheitan, who has had to use his left hand to create his art over the last two decades.

The innovative prosthetic was created by artist Jean-Louis Gonzalez, who said that he used parts from a typewriter, manometer and pipe to complete the project.

Sheitan said it felt “funny” to use his right hand again, but it seems he’s getting used to it pretty quickly.

Fortunately the tattoo gun head can be adjusted and articulated to work at different angles, which helps to achieve the desired final effect in the inking process.

See the stunning creation in actions in the video below.

Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Gun — Sources

Daily Mail

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