WATCH: Angry Dad Tries to Run Over Teens Who Bullied His 13-Year-Old Daughter

When one father learned that his 13-year-old daughter was having problems with some other teens, he took matters into his own hands. However, 56-year-old Roy Williams probably isn’t going to win any “Father of the Year” awards for his actions.

Williams was arrested after he used his SUV to try to run over a group of the teenagers who were walking on a sidewalk.

The incident was caught on camera, and shows the large vehicle jump the curb and chase down the screaming teens.

Nathan Velez recording the terrifying moments on his cell phone.

“He was just going after everybody,” Velez told WREX. “His daughter got into a little fight with this other girl and hit her.”

Apparently, after Williams learned his daughter had been in a fight he called police. However, instead of waiting for police officers to show up Williams threatened the teenagers with a cane.

He then got into his vehicle sped down the sidewalk.

Williams did not attempt to flee the scene. He waited for police to arrive and was arrested on the spot.

He has been charged with 12 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, in addition to reckless driving.

He remains in jail on $150,000 bond.

See the whole thing in the video above.