WATCH: Angry Dog Left Alone in Car Shows Us the True Meaning of Road Rage

We all know how harmful it is to leave pets alone in parked cars—even with the windows cracked or in the shade, it is all too easy for a helpless animal to be overcome by heat stroke. One bulldog in Eureka, California wasn’t quite so helpless though. This angry dog shows us the true meaning of road rage. It also makes us wonder why there are still people who leave their pets alone in parked cars.

the video, that has gone viral online, shows a dog alone in a parked SUV with the windows rolled up. This bulldog was not about to suffer in silence.With a furious look on its face—clearly fed-up with waiting—the dog blared the horn while standing with a paw on the wheel, all while staring defiantly out the window at onlookers.

Apparently, the dog had been blasting the horn on and off for several minutes before someone decided to grab a camera and capture the “road rage” on camera. Posted to YouTube by Ryan Burns, it has over 200,000 views in just two days.

It is unknown if any of the bystanders reported the incident to animal protective services, or if the owner turned up before any authorities could intervene.