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WATCH: Angry Tourists Post Disgusting Video of Bed Bug Infestation in Posh NYC Hotel

When you book a reservation at Astor on the Park, a high-end hotel situated just steps away from Central Park, you show up with expectations. As you can expect a night in a hotel with such prime real estate costs an arm and a leg, so you’d think it would at least be heated, right? Well, apparently not. How about insect-free? Nope, wrong again.
Elgin Ozlen, a California native, filmed his nightmarish stay at this posh hotel, where he was staying with his girlfriend, who can be seen with welts all over her body from the apparent bed bug infestation in their room. After Ozlen posted the video on YouTube showing the evil insects meandering on their mattress, the video immediately went viral.
“We were expecting a vacation to remember the rest of our lives,’’ Ozlen told ABC News. “We will remember it the rest of our lives, but it won’t be a pleasant memory.’’
A hotel employee who said he was in charge was contacted by the press but he refused to give his name. He said he had been “instructed’’ not to say anything about the claims of the guest.
Well, that’s okay, because the video really says it all!

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