WATCH: ANGRY Woman Confronts Man Who Was Secretly Filming Her

Jase Dillan says she witnessed a man who she thought was secretly filming her and other women walking down the street. It made her so mad that she couldn’t let it go.

She pulled out her phone and shot a two minute video of her confronting the man. She then posted it to Facebook and it went viral.

She told Cosmopolitan, “As I was approaching my vehicle, I noticed a man with a camera. He saw that I stopped short, he flipped around and tried to conceal the camera.”

“I got into my vehicle and realigned the side mirror. I watched for about 10 minutes. I could see him and the viewfinder on his camera… I could see him zooming in on [women’s] crotch areas. When they walked by, he would nonchalantly turn and zoom in on their asses.”

She decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and shot the above video.

Wildly enough, the man wasn’t violating any laws. According to Buzzfeed, people can film others unless they are shooting up someone’s skirt. If he would have done that, he would have been violating the “upskirt law.”