WATCH: Apartment Walls Ooze Blood, Leads to Gruesome Discovery

Bleeding walls? That’s the real-life horror story that lead one Oklahoma family to a gruesome discovery. It all started when Thomas Kennedy noticed a strange discoloration on a wall in his apartment. Upon taking a closer look, he realized the wall was stained red—as if the wall was bleeding out.

Things escalated when Kennedy tried to wash away the stain.

“I got a sponge and I wiped it. Soon as I wiped it, it started coming down again,” He told 4029-TV.

Kennedy said he continued to try to handle the stain himself, but it constantly reappeared.

Creeped out—because who wouldn’t be when a reappearing “bloodstain” takes over a wall in your home—Kennedy called Midwest City police to investigate.

When officers arrived they immediately confirmed Kennedy’s suspicious—the stain was in fact real blood seeping from his apartment walls.

Instead of being an answer to the problem, the confirmation only raised further questions and prompted an investigation of the building.

Eventually the cause was discovered from the apartment of Kennedy’s upstairs neighbor. According to the report, his neighbor had fallen, striking his head on the way down. Police believe it was the blow to the head that killed him, and do not suspect foul play.

However the impact caused the wound to bleed out, eventually seeping into the walls and down into Kennedy’s unit.