WATCH: Ariana Grande Apologizes AGAIN

Well it looks like all the comments and rants from fans finally got to her. Ariana Grande released a second apology regarding the anti-American, doughnut-licking video that leaked earlier this week. This time she’s made a video in order to speak directly to the fans..

In the four-minute and five-second-long clip, Ariana speaks about her poor choice of words and behavior. She calls the incident a rude awakening and embarrassing. She then goes on to say that she understands why people are mad, and that she is also upset with herself.

The video was posted to YouTube last night and since then has gotten almost 850,000 views. It seems that some people are still not accepting her apology; the post received over 5,000 dislikes.

Ariana made the video as a follow-up to her first apology, which many fans criticized as being too insincere. Check out her first apology here.

Take a look at her latest apology video, and let us know by commenting below if you think Ariana Grande’s apology was sincere enough this time or not.

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