WATCH: Ariana Grande Falls on Stage at Toronto Concert

Ariana Grande is just having a tough time of it on stage.

First there was her Victoria’s Secret show (see the magnificent memes that came from that event below), then there was last night at a concert in Toronto, Canada. It wasn’t as severe as Madonna getting yanked off stage at the BRIT awards, more like a tiny tumble, but it’s been setting the internet ablaze this morning nevertheless.

As you’ll see in the video above, the songstress was performing her his “Bang Bang” when she hit the deck; that’s the risk you take when wearing amazing heels on stage. Anyway, like the many divas who have fallen on stage before her, she just got back up and kept the show going. No word at this point whether or not she hurt herself. She did, however, post this tweet thanking everyone at the Toronto concert, and not mentioning the incident at all.

And here’s the “Ariana Grande falls” video from YouTube. Fast forward to the end, unless you like watching her sing. You’re welcome.

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