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WATCH: Baby Meets Dad’s Identical Twin & Is Thoroughly Confused

We’ve seen some confused babies in our time. They get totally disoriented when a dad shaves a beard or a mom cuts off all her hair. But it’s especially hilarious to see babies reacting to their parent’s twin.
When this 16-month-old baby’s father put on glasses to look more similar to his twin brother, the baby had a very tough time distinguishing which of the twin men were in fact her “da-da.”
Dad Stephen Ratpojanakul, from New York, captured the hilarious moment on camera and posted the footage on Facebook, where it’s been watched more than 12 million times.
Ratpojanakul teamed up with his identical twin to confuse his child. Baby Reed tried to figure out which of the twins was his father, Stephen. Reed looked between his dad and his identical uncle, Michael, before pointing at Stephen and saying: “Dada.” But when he was passed to his dad, he pointed at Michael and said: “Dada.” The two men laughed as Reed tried to make sense of the situation.
Some viewers have taken offense to the video, saying the poor baby’s confused, but his father insists that he’s a very happy baby and was actually having fun.



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