WATCH: ‘Baby Ghost’ Caught on Baby Cam Sitting Up Next to Sleeping Girl

A very creeped out mother believes she has caught two spirits engaging with her baby daughter on a baby cam. Jade Yates shared her video on Facebook, explaining that she didn’t believe in ghosts “until about five minutes ago.”

The video Yates took of the baby cam shows her daughter Ruby sleeping in a cot. The strange part is that beside her is a mysterious figure Yates is convinced is a “ghost baby.” If you look closely at the footage, you can see the pale white figure sitting up in the bed.

Yates insists there was no one in her daughter’s room when she captured the footage on the baby cam.

“What I see is a baby older than Ruby,” Yates says. She also sees “an adult attending to this baby/Ruby. I can see on some angles an ear, eyes and an arm.”

According to Yates, once she entered the baby’s room and checked in on her, the apparitions disappeared from the baby cam.

As for Ruby, Yates says her baby doesn’t seem at all unsettled by the ghostly visit. Yates explained, however, that Ruby does wake every hour or so at night” before suggesting that a ghost “wanting to play” could be the reason why.

Most viewers on social media are also seeing what Yates sees. How about you? Do you see ghosts in the baby cam?