WATCH: Baby Girl Says Goodbye to Her Pacifier in the Most Beautiful Way

Parents often witness the moments during their children’s growing up process when they must let go of something dear to them.

Whether it’s saying good bye to a security blanket, a favorite toy or even a friend, it’s never easy to let go and most parents watch and offer words of comfort and support as their child learns to deal with this inevitable aspect of growing up.

And while many parents know it’s a good experience to have for their long term well being and growth, it’s still basic parental instinct to want to protect your child from hurt feelings. One couple however, decided to take the experience head on and use the opportunity of their daughter reaching a milestone to teach her that letting go can be a beautiful thing.

Baby Cora is 17 months old and ready to move on from her pacifier. But instead of merely with-holding it from her, Cora’s parents decided to create a symbolic moment, by tying her ‘paci’ to a few helium balloons and letting her release it into the sky.

Sure the toddler may be a little too young to fully understand the weight and symbolism of the moment, but she will always have the video to look back on as she grows up and goes through future milestones.

The video, complete with Sarah McLaughin’s ‘I Will Remember You,’ is beautiful and heartwarming. Check it out for yourself above.