WATCH: Baby Reacts to Trying on Her First Pair of Glasses, Seeing the World in Focus for the First Time

This little cutie is 10-month-old Piper, a baby from Cincinnati, Ohio who just got her very first pair of glasses. This video shows her trying them on, and finally seeing the world come into focus.

Piper’s mother, Jessica Sinclair, posted the heart-warming video to her Facebook page to show the moment Piper tries on a cute pair of pink glasses.

Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction 🙂 melts my heart

Posted by Jessica Sinclair on Saturday, June 6, 2015

According to reports, Sinclair had Piper checked out by doctors because she hadn’t started crawling yet.  They realized that the little girl suffered from poor eyesight—and that it was an easily fixable situation.

Sinclair told WKRC-TV that Piper has healthy eyes but is “extremely” farsighted, so they had glasses made.

WKRC-TV reported:

“Her one eye was +7.00 and the other is +9.00. So we got her glasses made and the Opticare team helped with the choosing and fit of the glasses.

A week later we picked up the glasses and she tried them on for a quick second in the office to make sure they fitted properly. Then we decided to go out to eat…and then this was her reaction to her first time being able to see our face.”

Piper seems completely delighted by her newly improved vision, and the video of her has quickly gone viral.

Jessica said she hopes the video raises awareness about the importance of regular infant eye exams.